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employee well-being, employee satisfaction


The concept of employee satisfaction and engagement is not new. Quite recently, however, there appears to be renewed interest in positive psychology, tracking what makes for happiness in general, and how this translates in the workplace. Cultivating and maintaining a climate and culture which breeds happy, motivated, and productive employees in a library setting requires hard work. Happiness in the workplace is not unattainable, but it requires a concerted plan of action and consistent effort by managers. Managers also need to take steps to make sure that their own personal and work needs are being taken care off to avert burnout. In pursuing a healthy and productive workplace, managers need to be realistic and prudent, seeking professional assistance when necessary. By charting a practical course with realistic objectives (you are not creating a utopia), managers can maintain a healthy environment vital to productive, innovative, and creative work.

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Job satisfaction, Quality of work life, Happiness