Foreword: Global Governance as Administration - National and Transnational Approaches to Global Administrative Law

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By way of overview, we set out in this Foreword some core elements of the concept of Global Administrative Law that animates this symposium; these ideas are developed in greater detail in the framing paper by Kingsbury, Krisch and Stewart.2 We then note briefly some of the many elements that are developed in the other nine papers in the symposium. Taken together, these symposium contributions provide substantial evidence that a Global Administrative Law is emerging within a global administrative space, and that this field of law and practice is worthy of study, theorizing, and more systematic and reflective development. The contributions also confirm that this emerging field is highly variegated: Global Administrative Law is emerging in different ways in different settings involving different types of regimes and subjects of regulation, building different structures and procedures of accountability, to suit different needs, in response to different actors and incentives. Global Administrative Law is evolving through observation, critique, and borrowing across national legal systems that are increasingly interdependent. Different systems of national administrative law are also furnishing concepts for global regimes to borrow. Those regimes are also developing independent and novel responses to their specific institutional setting and accountability issues. This symposium represents a first effort to survey the different elements of these important trends and pose questions for further analysis and development of the field of Global Administrative Law.

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