Law, Ethics and National Security Conference


Founded in 1993, the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security (LENS) promotes education and discussion of the complex and diverse issues involved in national security, such as the legal and policy implications of counterterrorism operations at home and abroad, the role of the respective branches of government in security matters, the international law of armed conflict, the impact of security issues on international business endeavors, and the ethical issues of the practice of national security law. Each spring the Center hosts a major national security law conference in Durham, N.C. This collection serves as an archive of all past LENS Conferences. Each entry records the schedule and speakers for each LENS Conference. When available, a complete video recording of the presentations and the poster used to promote the event are also included.

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2022 | 27th Annual National Security Law Conference
2021 | 26th Annual National Security Law Conference
2020 | 25th Annual National Security Law Conference
2019 | 24th Annual National Security Law Conference
2018 | Complexity and Security: The Role of the Law?
2017 | Cyber, Security & Surveillance: Truth & Consequences
2016 | Hybrid Threats = Hybrid Law?
2015 | Law in the Age of "Forever War"
2014 | LAWshaping in National Security: The Past, the Progress, and the Path Ahead
2013 | Battlefields, Boardrooms, and Backyards: The New Face of National Security Law
2012 | After Afghanistan: Where to From Here?
2011 | National Security Since 9/11: New Norms for a New Decade?
2010 | National Security Challenges and the Obama Administration
2009 | National Security Under a New Administration
2008 | Combating Terrorism: Charting the Course for a New Administration
2007 | Confronting Terrorism Here and Abroad: Which Way Forward?
2006 | U.S. National Security Strategy: Finding the Right Balance
2005 | Strategies for the War on Terrorism: Taking Stock
2004 | U.S.-Canadian Security Relations: Partnership or Predicament?
2003 | Confronting Iraq: Legal and Policy Considerations
2002 | Security Challenges After September 11th: National and International Perspectives
2001 | The Future of Humanitarian Intervention
2000 | The United States Military in the New Millennium
1999 | The United States and the International Criminal Court: Which Way From Here?
1998 | National Information Infrastructure Protection in the 21st Century
1997 | Contemporary Issues in Controlling Weapons of Mass Destruction
1996 | The United Nations, Regional Organizations and Military Operations
1995 | Strengthening Enforcement of Humanitarian Law