Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy (Symposium)


Every Spring the Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy hosts a Symposia, which consist of either one full day of speakers or multiple lunchtime speakers spread over a few weeks. This collection archives the symposium’s speakers, topics, and, in some instances, the conference poster and session recordings. Symposium content is also published in the Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy journal issues.

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2017 | Intersectionality and the Black Lives Matter Movement
2016 | Gender Identity and Sexuality after Obergefell
2015 | Domestic Violence
2014 | Current Issues in Sex Trafficking
2013 | 20 Years Later: The Changes in Gender & Sexual Orientation Law
2012 | Gender Interactions with Criminal Law and Policy
2011 | The Changing Face of Families
2010 | Domestic and Sexual Violence, Women in Non-Traditional Roles, and Current Developments Concerning LGBTS and the Law
2009 | The Symptoms of Public Health Policy: Invisible Injuries, the Gendered Body, and the Law
2006 | Makeup Identity Performance & Discrimination