Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum (Symposium)


Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum presents an annual symposium each year that attracts top academics, practitioners, and policy makers from across the nation to present scholarship examining environmental issues by drawing on legal, scientific, economic, and public policy resources. This collection archives the symposium’s speakers, topics, and, in some instances, the conference poster and session recordings. Symposium content is also published in the Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum journal issues.

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2018 | From Here to There: Sustainable Urban Development in the Triangle and Beyond
2016 | Water Law and Policy
2015 | Carrots and Sticks: Moving the U.S. National Food System Toward a Sustainable Future
2014 | Environmental Justice Symposium: Reflecting on 20 Years of Domestic and International Law & Policy
2011 | The EPA at Forty
2009 | Next Generation Conservation: The Government's Role in Emerging Ecosystem Service Markets
2008 | The Future Environmental Agenda: Environmental Law and Policy Challenges Facing the Next President
2007 | A Charged Atmosphere: The Future of U.S. Policy on Global Warming
2006 | Law, Science, and Uncertainty: The Future of Children's Environmental Health
2005 | Ocean Ecosystem Management
2004 | Environmental Regulation, Energy, & Market Entry
2003 | Natural Resource Policy Under the Bush Administration