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In 2016, the Bolch Judicial Institute (then the Center for Judicial Studies) hosted a conference to develop Guidelines and Best Practices in light of new amendments to Rule 23 on Class Actions, which were scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2018.

The conference laid the groundwork for the Class Action Settlement Guidelines and Best Practices, which were drafted by 38 prominent defense and plaintiff practitioners and experts well experienced in class action litigation — with significant input and comment from six federal and state court judges.

This document is intended to help the bench and bar comply with the 2018 amendments to Rule 23. It adds detail to the general guidance provided in the amended rule and committee note.

As with any group product of this nature, where some consensus must be reached, the drafters and other participants are not individually responsible for any particular statement or provision, and may or may not agree with any particular statement or provision. This document does not represent the views of Duke Law School, Duke University, their faculties, or any other organization.