Herbert L. Bernstein Memorial Lecture in Comparative Law

Comparative Criminal Justice: An Institutional Approach


Nicola Lacey


Professor Nicola Lacey, of All Souls College at Oxford University, presents the 2013 Annual Bernstein Lecture titled "Comparative Criminal Justice: An Institutional Approach." In this lecture, Professor Lacey makes a case for studying comparative criminal justice with close reference to not only the distinctive cultural contexts, but also the particular institutional settings in which rules and policies are developed and put into operation in different countries. Accordingly, she argues that both historical and political-economic approaches are worthy of further development in this field.

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Nicola Lacey, Comparative Criminal Justice: An Institutional Approach , 24 Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 501-527 (2014)

Available at: http://scholarship.law.duke.edu/djcil/vol24/iss3/5

Lecture Date

April 4, 2013