Volume 60, Number 1 & 2 (Winter & Spring 1997)
Medical Malpractice: External Influences and Controls

Thomas B. Metzloff and Frank A. Sloan
Special Editors

III. Assessing the Potential of a No-Fault System of Compensation in Medical Malpractice Disputes


Can the United States Afford a “No-Fault” System of Compensation for Medical Injury?

David M. Studdert, Eric J. Thomas, Brett I. W. Zbar, Joseph P. Newhouse, Paul C. Weiler, Jonathon Bayuk, and Troyen A. Brennan




The Road from Medical Injury to Claims Resolution: How No-Fault and Tort Differ

Frank A. Sloan, Kathryn Whetten-Goldstein, Stephen S. Entman, Elizabeth D. Kulas, and Emily M. Stout




Administrative Performance of “No-Fault” Compensation for Medical Injury

Randall R. Bovbjerg, Frank A. Sloan, and Peter J. Rankin



Journal Staff