Dissertations submitted by students enrolled in the SJD program are collected and made accessible through this series. Work is in progress to collect and make available a complete historical collection of these materials. Visit the SJD website.


Dissertations from 2018

Adaptive Regulatory Impact Assessment: Beyond the Foresight-Hindsight Divide, Daniel Lima Ribeiro

Dissertations from 2012

Cumulative Creativity : From the Oral-Formulaic Tradition to Digital Remix, Giancarlo F. Frosio

Dissertations from 2008

Balancing Commitment and Flexibility at the WTO: Proposals for a New Safeguard Mechanism, Jaratrus Chamratrithirong

Dissertations from 2003

Corruption: Its Treatment Under International Law, Alejandro Posadas

Dissertations from 1999

World Banking Revolution: The Legal Perspective, Way-Wen Yang

Dissertations from 1990

Mergers and Acquisitions: Motives, Effects and Policy Implications, Min-Kyo Lee

Dissertations from 1980

Terrorism: A Question of Law and Justice, Abdulrhman Hassan Al. Nafisah

Multinational Companies and Kuwait National Policy, Tamah S. Al-Shammari