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Obergefell’s Legacy
Mark P. Strasser


Transgender Bathroom Rights
Catherine Jean Archibald


Garrett L. Brodeur


Garrett L. Brodeur


Lunch to Go
Garrett L. Brodeur


Closing Remarks
Mathias Reimann


Panel 4: Specific International Conflicts-of-Law Issues II
Kathryn Webb Bradley, Laura Little, Ann Laquer Estin, and Louise Ellen Teitz


Panel 3: Specific Issues I
John Coyle, Christopher Whytock, Linda Silberman, Richard Fentiman, and Patrick Borchers


Garrett L. Brodeur


Panel 2: International versus Interstate
Ralf Michaels, Kim Roosevelt, Hannah Buxbaum, and Horatia Muir Watt


Panel I: Comparative Law and International Law in the New Restatement
Ralf Michaels, Christopher Whytock, Symeon Symeonides, and Donald Earl Childress III


Laura Revolinski, David F. Levi, Ralf Michaels, and Christopher Whytock

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