Most Recent Additions


Scott L. Silliman and Samir Sumaida'ie


Toward a Global Regime of Vessel Anti-Fouling
James Kraska and Daniel Rittschof


Adapting Human Rights
Rhett B. Larson


Panel III: The War on Terrorism: Role of the International Community
A. Mark Weisburd, Amos N. Guiora, Ron Atkey, Nicholas Rostow, and David Bickford


Luncheon: Shaping Our Foreign Policy for the Continuing War on Terrorism
Christopher H. Schroeder, Bruce W. Jentleson, and Peter D. Feaver


Panel II: FISA Reform
Robert M. Chesney, Lisa Graves, Suzanne Spaulding, and Benjamin A. Powell


Panel I: Using Private Military Contractors: Issues of Accountability
Christopher H. Schroeder, Nadia Naviwala, Scott Horton, Stephen Hedger, and David Hammond


Opening Comments
Scott L. Silliman


Panel VI: Rethinking the U.S. Relationship to the International Criminal Court
Curtis A. Bradley, John B. Bellinger III, John Dugard, and Tod Lindberg


Scott L. Silliman and Stewart A. Baker


Panel V: Public Diplomacy: From Rhetoric to Strategy
Bruce W. Jentleson, Helle C. Dale, David C. Litt, and Keith Reinhard




Panel IV: Detaining and Prosecuting Terrorists: Establishing a New Paradigm
Scott L. Silliman; John D. Altenburg, Jr.; Jonathan Hafetz; and Glenn M. Sulmasy

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